As of February 8, 2019 details of ISIN of IUIT "Orken" units KZPF00000066 (ASYL_or) under management of Freedom Finance changed in KASE's trading system and data bases

08.02.19, 10:44
/KASE, February 8, 2019/ – Following a decision of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange 
(KASE) Management Board, as of February 8, 2019 the international securities 
identification number (ISIN) of the units KZPF00000066 (sector "securities of 
investment funds", ASYL_or) of the IUIT "ORKEN" under management of "Freedom 
Finance" JSC (Almaty) was changed from KZPF00000066 to KZPF00000082 in the 
trading system and data bases of KASE.