/REPEAT/ Amendments to Regulations on Membership to be put into effect as of January 1

29.12.18, 15:10
/KASE, December 29, 2018, December 13, 2018 news repeat/ – Following a decision 
of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange’s (KASE or the Exchange) Board of Directors dated 
December 12, 2018 amendments No. 7 (amendments) to KASE internal document 
"Regulations on Membership (Regulations), which will be put into effect as of 
January 1, 2018, have been approved.

These amendments were made due to the following reasons:

- in order to bring in line with amendments made to the Law of the Republic of 
  Kazakhstan "Concerning the introduction of changes and amendments to 
  certain legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the improvement of 
  regulation of entrepreneurial activities" No. 156-VI dated May 24, 2018 to 
  the Commercial Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan that stipulate the ban 
  on the reclamation of an impress of a seal on documents of legal entities 
  that are private enterprises;

- due to the change in the access granting procedure to the trading system, 
  according to which the Exchange would not issue a certification paper;

- due to the abolishment of the Commission on Certification of Trading System 
  Users and the transfer of powers on suspending traders from participating in 
  the trades in securities to those members of the Exchange’s Management Board 
  who are responsible for organizing and conducting trades and risk management;

- due to the procedural clarifications on providing information on the commission 
  agent agreements and foreign currency positions to the Exchange by its members.

The updated text of the Regulations will be published on KASE Startup market 
website https://kase.kz/files/normative_base/members_eng.pdf at the earliest 
possible time.