Results of NAC Kazatomprom (Kazakhstan) activity for the first quarter of 2002

30.07.02 00:00
/KASE, July 30, 02/ - NAC Kazatomprom (Almaty), which securities are traded under category A of the official listing provided KASE with financial report for the first quarter of 2002 (balance sheet, income statement and cash flows statement). The following indicators are results of the company's economic activity for three months of 2002, based upon the issuer's data (in th. KZT, unless otherwise specified): --------------------------------------------------------- As of As of Indicator Apr 1,01 Apr 1,02 Change, % ------------------------- ---------- ---------- --------- Authorized capital (paid) 3,373,136 3,373,136 0.0 Shareholders' equity 35,737,448 38,927,257 +8.9 Book value of assets 53,646,624 52,652,752 -1.9 Net working capital 31,986,523 28,632,363 -10.5 Accounts receivable 14,855,000 11,341,247 -23.7 Total liabilities 17,909,176 13,725,495 -23.4 Attracted loans 7,677,321 4,967,639 -35.3 Accounts payable 2,839,437 2,930,875 +3.2 Total revenues 3,225,118 5,050,006 +56.6 Total cost of goods sold 4,161,524 3,471,727 -16.6 Expenses for the period 953,821 975,824 +2.3 Net income for the period (146,959) 1,845,435 - --------------------------------------------------------- Relative to the first quarter of 2001 the following changes occurred: - shareholders' equity of the bank grew by KZT3.2bn as a result of an increase of total growth of final sum of undistributed income by KZT7.7bn and decrease of additionally not paid capital by KZT4.5bn; - assets decreased by KZT993.9m, which was caused by decrease of accounts receivable by KZT3.5bn and other assets - by KZT934.0m, which was partly compensated by growth of residual value of fixed assets by KZT2.6bn and volume of construction in progress - by 835.4m; - liabilities decreased by KZT4.2bn due to settlement of credits, attracted earlier,totaling KZT2.7bn and reduction of other liabilities by KZT1.5bn; - revenues went up by KZT1.8bn; - cost of goods sold reduced by KZT689.8m; - expenses grew by KZT22.0m. Net income of NAC Kazatomprom by results of the first quarter of the current year was equal to KZT1.8bn against KZT147.0m of losses incurred in the similar period of the year 2001. Principal activity of the company - execute functions of the national operator in export and import of uranium and its compounds, atomic fuel for nuclear energy plants, special equipment and technologies, materials of dual usage. [2002-07-30]