01.08.18 09:04
/KASE, August 1, 2018/ – As it was announced earlier, on July 26, 2018 on the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) in the module of the "Subscription" trading system the primary placement of the global amortized notes of unsecured debt XS1831081408 (IFC_K180126) of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) was carried out by subscription to them. Tengri Capital MB acted as a seller when subscribing to these notes. The offering was offered notes with a nominal value of KZT8,577,000,000 (8,577 pieces with a nominal value of KZT1,000,000). As the price, the bid specified the yield to maturity, expressed as a percentage per annum to the second decimal place, as the number of financial instruments - the number of notes in pieces. Restrictions for buyers for the maximum number of notes in submitted applications were not established by the conditions of the subscription. Four members of KASE took part in the trades. In total 21 applications were submitted to the trading system, of which 19 for purchase of 19,080 notes at the time of the end of the collection of applications were recognized as active. Among the active applications 18 were limited and one application in the amount of 2,000 notes - market. Yield to maturity in the filed applications varied in the range of 8.1-8.4% per annum, the average weighted yield on active bids was 8.3% per annum. The total bid for subscription reached KZT19.1 bn., and exceeded the supply by 2.2 times. The bid from individuals is estimated at KZT10 mln. (0.1% of total bid), brokerage and dealer companies - KZT350.0 mln. (1.8%) and other institutional investors - KZT18.7 bn., (98.1%). By results of trades, the issuer set the cut-off price at the level of 8.3% per annum, thereby placing the entire planned volume of KZT8,577,000,000. In total, 11 deals were made. 10 notes for the amount of KZT10.0 mln., (0.1% of the volume of placement) were received on accounts of individuals, 8,567 notes for the amount of KZT8,567 mln. (99.9% of the volume of placement) to institutional investors. According to the Central Securities Depository (Almaty), all transactions based on the results of subscription to these notes by the time of publication of this information are calculated, the subscription is completed. [2018-08-01]