NAC Kazatomprom has started developing strategy of the company's development till 2030

19.06.02 00:00
/Kazakhstan today, June 19, 02/ - National atomic company NAC Kazatomprom has achieved its objects, which it had planned for 2001-2002, and began developing strategy development till 2030. The President of NAC Kazatomprom Mukhtar Jakishev said about it to journalists at the press- conference on June 19 in Almaty. Increasing production volumes to optimal enterprises load has become the main ant crisis program of NAC. At present, 220 thousand tons of uranium a year is extracted from Kazatomprom mines, there is decrease of its cost price. As a result of this, the company has moved from 13th to 6th place in uranium extraction. Beside, the technology of producing fuel pellet for nuclear power plants (NPP) has been developed and introduced by the company's own efforts. There was made a long-term contract for producing pellets with TVEL OJSC of the Ministry of atom of Russia, there has been created Russian-Ukrainian- Kazakhstan joint enterprise on providing with fuel NPP of Ukraine and Russia. Today, the volume of fuel pellets production at Ulbinsk metallurgical works (UMW) equals to 300 tons a year. In order to extend sales markets the company conducts certification of uranium production at western markets. Certification has been already conducted in the U.S.A., documents for passing the certification are prepared in Japan, in the future it is planned to conduct the procedures in Western Europe as well. Uranium powder delivery is made in the U.S.A. for company General Electric. Order of the company GNF on delivering uranium-containing materials (scraps) is being completed. The company managed to converse entirely its beryllium production and to start making production made of metal beryllium, beryllium bronze and alloys with copper. This all allowed to provide power load of UMW till 2010. лю. Jakishev also informed that there has been made the decision by the company's governing body about creating the joint enterprise with Moscow plant of non-ferrous metals processing, that will allow to increase beryllium limit. Similar situation appeared in tantalum production. By the company's own efforts with attracting Kazakhstan scientists, there was developed a new technology of receiving tantalum powders, which are used for producing accumulators, in gas phase, that allowed the enterprise to surpass technologically its leading competitors. At present NAC Kazayomprom examines the possibility of tantalum mine in one of African countries as there is no necessary quality of tantalum ore in CIS countries. Consolidated income from production realization in 2001 amounted to more than KZT26bn. The amount of taxes and deductions in 2001 amounted to KZT2.75bn. In 2002, by the decision of stock exchange's Council, inscribed coupon indexed bonds of NAC Kazatomprom have been admitted into KASE "A" listing category. [2002-06-19]