Amendments to Auto Repo Market Specification put into effect as of June 11, 2018

11.06.18, 17:13
/KASE, 11.06.18/ – By the decision of the Management Board of the Kazakhstan 
Stock Exchange (KASE) dated June 08, 2018, amendments and additions No. 
10 (changes) to the KASE internal document "Auto Repo Market Specification" 
(Specification), which will become effective on June 11, 2018, have been 

These amendments establish that subordinated bonds may be used as subjects 
of repo transactions that are listed on KASE's official list and do not have 
a rating, the issuer of which has a rating of at least "B-" according to the 
international scale of Standard & Poor's rating agency or a rating of a similar 
level on the international scale of other rating agencies.

In addition to that, the size of discounts used to discount the market prices of 
subordinated debt securities included in the KASE's official list was determined.

The updated text of the Specification is published on KASE website at