Additions to Regulations on Terms of Commercial Dissemination of Market Data will be effective as of October 01, 2018

08.06.18, 17:27
/KASE, 08.06.18/ – Following a decision of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange 
(KASE) Management Board of May 31, 2018, additions No. 3 (additions) 
to KASE internal document "Regulations on Terms of Commercial 
Dissemination of Market Data" (Regulations) were approved, with 
effect as of October 01, 2018.

Said additions were made for the purpose of inclusion in the Regulations' 
text the description and technical specification of a new market data 
product "Corporate Events".

The said market data product includes information on events that 
have a significant impact on the activities of KASE listed companies 
(holding general meetings of shareholders, paying coupons and dividends, 
paying off bonds, buying back and placing securities and other 

The updated text of the Regulation will be published on KASE website soon.