KAZEXPORTASTYK Holding says Sberbank Investments LLC becomes its strategic partner

04.06.18 14:51
/KASE, June 4, 2018/ – KAZEXPORTASTYK Holding (Astana), whose bonds are officially listed on Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE), has provided the KASE with press release, which states as follows: quote KAZEXPORTASTYK Holding (hereinafter, the Holding), one of the largest producers of grain, oil seed rape, oil flax and lentil in the country, has actively started improvement of its financial standing and reducing debt load with the assistance of a Strategic Partner represented by Sberbank Investments LLC (hereinafter, SIB), an investment arm of Sberbank of Russia PJSC, the largest Russian financial institution, without acquiring a share in the Holding’s capital. unquote Detailed information is published on KASE website – http://kase.kz/files/emitters/KAST/kast_reliz_310518_1.pdf [2018-06-04]