25.04.18, 18:31
/KASE, April 25, 2018/ – The Committee on Indexes and Securities Valuation (hereinafter – the Committee) of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) made a decision to remove common shares KZ1C56630011 (KZ1C00001023, ABBN) of the Bank of Astana (Almaty) from KASE Index representative list as of May 1, 2018. This decision was taken in accordance with the last paragraph of sub-item 11 of item 1 of Article 5 of KASE internal document "Methodology of Stock Market Indicators Calculation", (hereinafter, the Methodology), which says that the Committee has the right to remove shares of any titles from KASE Index representative list regardless of the timing of the regular revision of the list should any facts evidencing rapid deterioration of the financial position of issuer of these shares arise. The Committee considers the following as the facts evidencing of rapid deterioration of the financial position of the Bank of Astana: - downgrading by Fitch Ratings of the Bank of Astana’s long-term ratings from "B-" to "CCC" on April 6 to default; - downgrading by S&P Global Ratings of long-term and short-term ratings of the Bank of Astana on April 25 from "В-/В"to "CCC/C" and the grounds for these rating actions set out in the agency’s report; - Bank of Astana’s application to the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the request to urgently provide short-term liquidity. According to sub-item 12 of the above stated item of the Methodology, the Committee’s decision to change the representative list in the case of rapid deterioration of share issuer’s financial position must be published on the Exchange’s website no later than two working days before the effective date of such decision. Common shares of the Bank of Astana were included in KASE Index representative list as of February 1, 2018 because they met absolutely all criteria set by the Methodology. Thus, parameters of the following shares will be used for calculation of KASE Index as of May 1, 2018: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Item No. Code NIN or ISIN Issuer Fi Ri Share -------- ------- ------------ --------------------- ---- --------- ----- 1 CCBN KZ1C36280010 АО "Банк ЦентрКредит" 41.9 1.0000000 9.8 2 GB_KZMS GB00B0HZPV38 KAZ Minerals PLC 57.0 0.0300000 16.2 3 HSBK KZ1C33870011 АО "Народный 26.5 0.1000000 14.9 сберегательный банк Казахстана" 4 KCEL KZ1C59150017 АО "Кселл" 15.7 0.5600000 14.8 5 KEGC KZ1C34930012 АО "KEGOC" 10.0 0.7900000 14.8 6 KZTK KZ1C12280018 АО "Казахтелеком" 23.0 0.4000000 14.6 7 KZTO KZ1C29950017 АО "КазТрансОйл" 10.0 0.4900000 14.8 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Methodology is available on KASE website at [2018-04-25]