First issue bonds of NAC Kazatomprom (Kazakhstan) have passed KASE listing under category "A"

29.03.02 00:00
/KASE, March 29, 02/ - From April 1, 2002 by the decision of the Exchange council of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) first issue indexed insubordinate inscribed coupon bonds of National atomic company Kazatomprom CJSC (NAC Kazatomprom CJSC, Almaty; KZ2CKY05A523; KZT2.3bn; KZT100; Apr 1.02 - Apr 1.07; semiannual coupon at 8.5% APR) were admitted into official list of KASE securities under category "A". By the decision of the Board of KASE bonds were given the trade code KZAPb1. Quotations accuracy in trade system of the Exchange is set at four decimal places. Status of market-maker of KZAPb1 at KASE was assigned on a basis of given application to Fondovyi servis CJSC (Almaty). Minimal volume of mandatory quotation for the market-maker was set in the amount of 400 bonds. Opening date of bonds trades at KASE and admittance of bonds into representative list for calculation of indexes KASE_BP, KASE_CP and KASE_BY will be announced additionally. [2002-03-29]