Ordinary shares KZ1C60510019 (KZ1C00001486, CRMG) of Crystal Management included in sector "shares" of KASE official list's alternative market as of January 19

19.01.18 15:32
/KASE, January 19, 2018/ – As announced earlier, following a decision of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) Listing Commission of December 27, 2017, ordinary shares KZ1C60510019 (ISIN – KZ1C00001486) of Crystal Management (Almaty) were included in KASE official list's alternative market's sector "shares". The Listing Commission decision is effective as of January 19, 2018 after said issuer fulfilled the terms set in item 1 of chapter 5 of appendix 2.2 to KASE internal document "Listing Rules". Opening of trading in these shares on KASE will be announced additionally. SkyBridge Invest (Almaty) is the financial advisor to Crystal Management. Said shares were assigned an abbreviation (ticker) CRMG. More details of said shares issue will be released on KASE website http://kase.kz/en/issuers/CRMG [2018-01-19]