KASE defined leading operators of the foreign exchange market in Kazakhstan for February 2002

01.03.02 00:00
/IRBIS, Mar 1, 02/ - Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) defined list of second tier banks - leading operators of the KASE foreign exchange market in February 2002. The rating is made according to portion of concluded deals in aggregate gross turnover of trades (total of purchased and sold currencies) in US dollar, Euro and Russian rouble in the KASE trade system. The position of each bank was expressed by total dollar equivalent at the current rate of each concluded deal. In total, 24 banks of second tier participated in trades on KASE. Below is the list of 10 the most active operators given in descending order. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Position Position Share in in Dec in Nov gross volume 2001 2001 Brief title of a bank of trades, % -------- -------- -------------------------------------- ------------ 1 2 ABN AMRO Bank Kazakhstan CJSC (Almaty) 15.7 2 3 Halyk bank of Kazakhstan OJSC (Almaty) 10.5 3 5 CITIBANK KAZAKHSTAN CJSC (Almaty) 10.2 4 1 Bank TuranAlem OJSC (Almaty)* 7.9 5 4 Irtyshbusinessbank OJSC (Pavlodar) 6.7 6 8 Temirbank OJSC (Almaty) 5.9 7 7 Eurasian CJSC (Almaty) 5.5 8 6 BANK OF CHINA IN KAZAKHSTAN OJSC 3.7 (Almaty) 9 13 NURBANK OJSC (Atyrau) 3.6 10 10 AMB OJSC (Almaty) 2.5 --------------------------------------------------------------------- * - market-maker of U.S. dollar at KASE New bank in the list relative to January 2002 is NURBANK OJSC that replaced from the table Bank CenterCredit OJSC (Almaty, 9th position of January). The proportion of the U.S. dollar in total turnover of the Exchange's currency market equaled 99.5% in February of this year.