On September 25, 2017 KASE removed bonds KZP01Y07D853 (KZ2C00002202, SKKZb22) of Sovereign Wealth Fund Samuryk-Kazyna from KASE_B* series indices' universe due to expiration

25.09.17, 11:36
/KASE, September 25, 2017/ – Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) as of September 25, 
2017 removed from the universe of indices KASE_B* bonds KZP01Y07D853 (KZ2C00002202, 
KASE main market, category "bonds", SKKZb22; KZT1; KZT75.0 bn; September 24, 2010 – 
September 24, 2017; semi-annual coupon 5.89 % APR; 30/360) of Sovereign Wealth 
Fund Samuryk-Kazyna (Astana) due to expiration.

From September 25, 2017, when calculating the indexes KASE_BC, KASE_BP KASE will 
use the adjustment coefficient (К), equal to 1.0007684.

From September 25, 2017, the universe of KASE_B* indices will consist of bonds 
of 33 titles.

KASE_BY – corporate bond yield index.

KASE_BC – corporate bond price index calculated according to the prices 
without account to accrued interest thereon (by "net" prices).

KASE_BP – corporate bond price index calculated with account to all accrued 
interest thereon, including that not paid out.

All of the indicated indices are calculated by KASE once a day according to 
results of trades in corporate bonds.

The methodology of calculation of indices is regulated by KASE internal document 
"Methodology of Calculation of Stock Market Indicators", available at