CAIFC INVESTMENT GROUP says Corporation APK-Invest paid part of tenth coupon on bonds KZP04Y05D984 (KZ2P00001787, APKIb7) late charge included

11.08.17, 11:45
/KASE, August 11, 2017/ – CAIFC INVESTMENT GROUP (Almaty), the representative of holders of bonds KZP04Y05D984 (KZ2P00001787; APKIb7) of Corporation APK-Invest (Astana) has informed KASE of the following: quote The representative of the bondholders informs you of the receipt of a notice from APK-Invest (dated August 9, 2017, received on August 10, 2017) containing information on the partial redemption of the 10th coupon on the 4th issue of bonds under the second bond program (APKIb7) of KZT61,421,500, as well as a late charge of KZT376,206.68. The Issuer plans to fully repay the principal, coupon interest and accrued late charge for each day of delay by August 18, 2017. unquote [2017-08-11]