Halyk Finance announces results of offering of KTZ Finance international bonds RU000A0JXS34 (TMJLe5)

14.06.17, 17:46
/KASE, June 14, 2017/ – Subsidiary organization of Halyk Savings Bank of Kazakhstan, Halyk Finance (Almaty, in the heading and hereinafter – Halyk Finance) today provided Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) with the following press release: quote Halyk Finance, the Organizer of international bonds of KTZ Finance (hereinafter – the Issuer), announces results of the initial offering of 5-year bonds of the Issuer with the total face value of RUR15 bn, issued and registered under the laws of the Russian Federation. During the collection of orders, the demand from investors made up around RUR27 bn, exceeding the supply 1.8 times. Upon the order collection, the Issuer fixed the cut-off price on the coupon at 8.75%. The total issuing volume made up RUR15 bn. Kazakh investors were not provided with bonds of this issue due to the fact that there was no single order from Kazakh investors. Below are final parameters of the bonds issue. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Issuer: KTZ Finance ----------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- Guarantor (surety): National company Kazakhstan Temir Zholy ----------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- Type of bonds: documentary bearer bonds subject to centralized storage interest-bearing non-convertible redeemable ahead of schedule upon bearer's request ----------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- Ratings: Baa3 (Moody's) ----------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- Issue nominal volume: RUR15,000,000,000 ----------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- Face value of one security: RUR1,000 ----------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- Settlement date / Circulation start date: June 13, 2017 ----------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- Redemption date: June 7, 2022 ----------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- Offering price: 100.00% ----------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- Coupon rate: 8.75% APR ----------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- Coupon payment dates: 1st coupon period: 12.12.2017 2nd coupon period: 12.06.2018 3rd coupon period: 11.12.2018 4th coupon period: 11.06.2019 5th coupon period: 10.12.2019 6th coupon period: 09.06.2020 7th coupon period: 08.12.2020 8th coupon period: 08.06.2021 9th coupon period: 07.12.2021 10th coupon period: 07.06.2022 ----------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- Yield to maturity at offering: 8.75% APR ----------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- Organizers: Halyk Finance, Renaissance Capital, BK Region ----------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- Co-Organizer: Gazprombank ----------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- Applicable law: Russian laws ----------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- Listing: KASE, Moscow Exchange ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- unquote [2017-06-14]