08.06.17, 16:24
/KASE, June 8, 2017/ – Halyk Finance, subsidiary of Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan (in heading – Halyk Finance, hereinafter – the Seller) (Almaty), the organizer and seller during the subscription to international bonds RU000A0JXS34 of KTZ Finance, issued under a guaranty (surety) from National company Kazakhstan Temir Zholy (Astana), announces declaring an indicative coupon rate in the range of 8.75–9.00 % APR. Orders will be collected under the subscription today from 13:00 to 16:00 Almaty time. The security's code during the subscription – TMJLe5. The number of bonds being offered will be determined upon collection of orders. The offering price of said bonds – RUR1,000 per bond. During the subscription limit and/or market orders are accepted, which were submitted to KASE trading system by the closed method. The minimum volume of an order – one bond, as the price an order quotes the coupon rate expressed in annual percentage with accuracy of up to the second decimal. The date of provision to the Seller of the register of orders collected by the Exchange – June 8, 2017, the date of provision to the Exchange of the register of executed orders – June 9, 2017; the settlement date – June 13, 2017. Settlements are carried out by the Central Securities Depository. Buyers of securities must ensure the availability of money in payment for securities bought at their accounts in the Central Securities Depository by 09:00 Almaty time on June 13, 2017. Orders for participation are submitted only through KASE stock market members. The full list of KASE stock market members is available at http://www.kase.kz/en/membership According to this subscription's terms the list of additional information on the investor disclosed to the issuer of said bonds includes the following data: 1) last name, first name, if available – patronymic or the legal entity's name; 2) citizenship mark or country of incorporation of the legal entity. Other terms of the subscription stipulated the following. 1. In case of a change (extension) of the order collection period the organizer of the subscription will provide the Exchange with an official letter. 2. In case of satisfaction of a submitted purchase order, the responsibility for execution (settlement) rests with the trading participant that submitted the purchase order. 3. Responsibility for the reliability of information indicated in the buyer's order rests with the byer. 4. Market orders may be satisfied by the subscription initiator partially. 5. Payment form – in tenge in accordance with the official exchange rate of the tenge to the Russian ruble fixed by the National Bank of Republic of Kazakhstan on the day of payment (transaction execution). The Rules of subscription to securities are available on KASE website – http://www.kase.kz/files/normative_base/rules_ipo.pdf KASE news item on state registration of the issue of international bonds of KTZ Finance is available on KASE website – http://www.kase.kz/en/news/show/1336377 [2017-06-08]