KASE announces change in terms of deal concluded with related party

28.01.16, 09:47
/KASE, January 28, 16/ – On January 26, 2016 the Board of Directors of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange JSC (KASE, or the Exchange) (minutes No. 4 of a meeting on January 26, 2016) approved a change in the terms of a deal with Qazaq Banki JSC, namely, the bank deposit "ALL EXCLUSIVE" of November 18, 2015 in terms of increasing the interest rate on the deposit from 13.00 % to 19.00 % APR in the period from January 25 to February 25, 2016, as a deal with a person related to the exchange by a special relationship. Taking into account the said change, we inform you as follows: 1. Date of the decision to conclude the transaction made by the joint-stock company's body: January 26, 2016 (decision of the Board of Directors, minutes No. 4 of a meeting on January 26, 2016). 2. Value of the transaction's underlying assets: KZT500,000,000. 3. Date of the most recent underlying assets appraisal: not applicable. 4. Percentage ratio of the transaction's underlying assets value to the total assets value: 5.97 %. 5. Main substantial terms of the deal: - bank deposit term – 12 months; - bank deposit interest rate – 19.00 % APR; - terms of calculation and payment of interest on the bank deposit – calculated monthly, paid – upon expiry of the bank deposit agreement term. 6. Date of the transaction: January 25, 2016. Qazaq Banki JSC in accordance with item 3 of article 40 of the Act of Republic of Kazakhstan "On banks and baking operations in the Republic of Kazakhstan" is a person related to KASE by a special relationship. [2016-01-28]