KASE announces change in conditions of transaction concluded with exchange related party

23.11.15 10:42
/KASE, November 23, 15/ – On November 12, 2015 the Board of Directors of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange JSC (KASE or the Exchange) (Minutes No. 26 of meeting of November 12, 2015) approved a change in conditions of the transaction concluded with Qazaq Banki JSC, namely the "ALL EXCLUSIVE" Agreement on bank deposit of August 14, 2015 to increase the deposit interest rate from 12.25 % to 13.00 % as the KASE's related party transaction. With view of the said change, we inform you of the following: 1. Date of the joint-stock company's body taking a decision on concluding a deal: November 12, 2015 (decision of the Board of Directors; meeting minutes No. 26 dated November 12, 2015). 2. Value of the underlying assets: KZT500,000,000. 3. Date of the most recent underlying assets appraisal: not applicable. 4. Percentage ratio of the underlying assets value to the total assets value: 6.01 %. 5. Main substantial terms of the deal: - bank deposit term – 12 months; - bank deposit interest rate – 13.00 % per annum; - terms of accrual and payment of interest on bank deposit – accrual is carried out monthly, payment – upon expiration of the bank deposit agreement. 6. Date of the deal: November 18, 2015. Qazaq Banki JSC in accordance with clause 3 of article 40 of Kazakhstan's Act "On Banks and Banking in the Republic of Kazakhstan" is KASE's related party. [2015-11-23]