In July volume of deals in securities grew up to $21,890.1 th. and totalled $60.8 mln

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/IRBIS, Aug. 2, 00/ - In July of year 2000 94 deals for a total of $21,890.1 th. were registered in securities at Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE). At the primary market, 11 deals were made within the frame of Kazakhstan Temir Zholy NSE coupon bonds floatation (Astana, KZ2CLALN6A19, official list of KASE securities, category "A", trade code TMJLb). Auction were held between July 10 and 12. Total amount of deals is $13,503.2 th. or 61.7% of all KASE deals in securities during the month. At the purchase and sale sector (secondary market), 78 deals involving 19 instruments were concluded on the sum of $8,190.1 th. or 37.4% of the turnover. Again, the most liquid securities were coupon bonds of Kazakhstan Temir Zholy NSE that took 56.1% of the total sector turnover. The second leader is NNK KAZAKHOIL CJSC bonds (Astana, KZ72LAG56A20, official list of KASE securities, category "A", trade code - KZOLb) - 12.5% of the turnover. In July, 18 out of 78 concluded deals, were made by the brokers in Quotation system of KASE which excludes automatic satisfaction of the bids in counter auction mode (so-called direct deals made by the operators upon their agreement, not as a result of the trades on the market). Remaining 60 deals were made in the main mode of the Trade system of KASE by counter auction mode. In the securities repo sector, 5 deals were concluded in amount of $196.9 th. including 2 opening ($147.2 th.) and 3 closing ($49.7 th.) deals. The deals were made with ordinary inscribed shares of Halyk Bank Kazakhstan OJSC, BankCenterCredit OJSC and preference shares of Kazakhstancaspiishelf JSC. Twenty sessions out of 21 conducted were successful. Compared to previous month, the sector of primary floatation registered 16.5 times increase in volume of deals, volume of the purchase-sale sector deals decreased by 5.6%, repo sector grew up 11.1 times. The resulting growth in July in the securities trade sector of KASE is positive ( $12,376.6 th.). Total number of deals increased by 130.1%. As it was stated above, the growth was mainly caused by introduction of bonds of two biggest Kazakh companies - Kazakhstan Temir Zholy NSE and NNK KAZAKHOIL CJSC. Below is a table presenting monthly volumes of deals with securities at KASE in year 2000 (thousand US dollars). ------------------------------------------------ Sector of the securities exchange market ---------------------------- Month Primary Secondary Repo Total ------------------------------------------------ January 21,410.1 21,410.1 February 464.8 963.8 1,428.6 March 2,284.3 385.7 2,670.0 April 338.4 840.9 1,057.7 2,237.1 May 3.9 1,633.3 9.1 1,646.3 June 818.5 8,677.2 17.8 9,513.5 July 13,503.2 8,190.1 196.9 21,890.1 ------------------------------------------------ TOTAL 15,128.8 43,999.7 1,667.1 60,795.6 ------------------------------------------------ In 1999 the volume of securities operations at KASE were equal to $21,603.2 th.