STATISTICS: Weekly volume of transactions in securities at KASE - $910.6 th

28.07.00 00:00
/IRBIS, July 28, 00/ - During the thirty first calendar week (July 24 - 30) 15 deals were made for a total of $910.6 th. in securities trade sector of Kazakhstan stock exchange (KASE). Total volume of all the deals of this week is 3.5 times lower than that of pervious week (24 deals for $3,174.0 th.). In terms of securities the volume decreased 5 times down to 21,915 from 109,552 on the previous week. The market was affected by gradual slowing of activity related to primary floatation of NNK KAZAKHOIL CJSC, NSE Kazakhstan Temir Zholy and Halyk Bank Kazakhstan OJSC bonds. During the last weeks after primary floatation at KASE bonds were in process of secondary distribution. Underwriters and financial agents of the issuers were selling bonds they had acquired at primary floatation. Besides, several banks were selling bonds to PAMC, which due to some reasons had not been unable to buy them at the floatation. At present bonds' redistribution slows and so does the market. The deals were made in 5 instruments. As previously the most liquid were: - discounted bonds of RGP "Kazakhstan temir joly" (TMJLb, official list of securities, category "A",) - 68.9% of total market turnover; - coupon bonds of NNK "Kazakhoil" (KZOLb, official list of securities category "A") - 26,3%; Volume of deals in other securities was not considerable. Three of 15 deals of the week were direct deals, that is they were made by the brokers in Quotation system of the KASE, that excludes automatic satisfaction of the bids in counter auction mode. The rest were made using counter auction mode (main mode of the KASE). The proportion of market deals in total turnover of the market equaled 95.2%.