KASE announces concluding interested party transaction

04.03.15, 17:14
/KASE, March 4, 15/ – On February 18, 2015 Board of Directors of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange JSC (KASE, or Exchange) approved conclusion with the "Center for ensuring operation of National Bank of Republic of Kazakhstan" of a procurement agreement on room lease as an interested party transaction and a transaction with a person related to KASE by special relationship. According to the Rules of placement on websites of the financial statements depository, stock exchange of information on corporate events, financial statements and auditors' reports approved by resolution No. 72 of Management Board of National Bank of Republic of Kazakhstan dated February 24, 2012, we inform you of the following: 1. Date of the joint-stock company's body taking a decision on concluding a deal: February 18, 2015 (decision of the Exchange Board of Directors by absentee voting, meeting minutes No. 3 dated February 18, 2015). 2. Value of the underlying assets: not applicable. 3. Date of the most recent underlying assets appraisal: not applicable. 4. Percentage ratio of the underlying assets value to the total assets value: not applicable. 5. Main substantial terms of the deal: provision for temporary use and use (lease) of rooms in an administrative building of the Lessor, as well as accompanying services related to maintenance of rooms being leased. Leased rooms: in an administrative building of the Lessor at 67 Aiteke bi str., Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan. Total agreement amount – KZT2,052,000. lease term – from January 1 to December 31, 2015. 6. Date of agreement: March 3, 2015. [2015-03-04]