Russia is going to change agreement with Kazakhstan about settling of mutual financial questions

23.03.00 00:00
/IRBIS, March 23, 00/ - According to PRAIM TASS, the Government of Russian Federation by the Decree #237 from March 18 has approved the proposals concerning the protocol between Russian Federation and Republic of Kazakhstan about modification of the Russian-Kazakhstan agreement about settling of mutual financial questions, which has been signed on October 8 1998. The protocol should correspond to the federal law "About the international agreements of Russian Federation". According to the project of protocol, which has been received by PRIME TASS, the parties are going to include in the mutual financial responsibilities within a framework of the 1998 agreement 136.3 million dollars indebtedness of the Kazakstan's state Company Kazkontrakt to JSC Roskontrakt for 1993 and the 114,3 million dollars indebtedness of NES Kazahstanenergo to the Russian RAO EES Russia for 1994-1996. It is supposed to exclude from the mutual financial responsibilities the indebtedness of RGP Kazakhstan Temir Zholy to the Ministry of Transport of Russian Federation and Russian enterprises for 1997-1998 to the sum of 14.4 million dollars. According to the agreement, Kazakhstan has acknowledged its debt to Russia on the Public credits including interests to the total sum of 1.4411 billion dollars. Russia has recognized: the Baikonur rent indebtedness for 1994-1998 according to the government-to-government lease arrangement from December 10, 1994 to the sum of 575 million dollars; compensation of property losses and expenses of Kazakhstan on Baikonur exploitation in 1992-1993 to the sum of 1.318 billion dollars according to the agreement concerning conditions of Baikonur using from March 28, 1994; and also indebtedness for use of the military ranges in 1997-1998 to the total sum of 55 million dollars.