Trades in new instrument opened in KASE CS automatic repo market from June 11, 2014

10.06.14 16:53
/KASE, June 10, 14/ – Following a decision of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) Management Board based on a KASE member's application, from June 11, 2014 trading in a new instrument opens in KASE automatic repo market, whereas shares KZ1C59150017 (KZ1C00000876, KASE official list, first category, KCEL) of Kcell JSC (Almaty) are used as the repo transactions' subject, with repo transaction terms of 1, 3, 7 and 14 days. The repo transactions have been assigned codes R_KCEL_001, R_KCEL_003, R_KCEL_007 and R_KCEL_014 accordingly. [2014-06-10]