KASE shareholders approve Exchange 2013 financial statements and decide not to pay out dividends for 2013

29.05.14 17:48
/KASE, May 29, 14/ – Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE or Exchange) announces that on May 29, 2014 the annual general meeting of its shareholders took place where the following main decisions were taken: 1. to approve KASE annual financial statements for 2013 according to which: - equity capital of the Exchange group increased by KZT2,202,764 th. or by 86.8 % to KZT4,740,922 th; - assets increased by KZT2,256,918 th. or by 76.0 % to KZT5,224,826 th.; - revenues increased by KZT292,348 th. or by 25.5 % to KZT1,439,323 th.; - expenses increased by KZT119,285 th. or by 13.7 % to KZT993,018 th.; - net profit of the group increased by KZT142,911 th. or 68.0 % to KZT352,945 th. 2. to approve the following procedure of distributing the net profit of (income) of KASE for 2013: - not to pay dividends on ordinary shares of KASE based on 2013 results; - to spend the net profit (income) of KASE for 2013 to the amount of KZT351,148,090.28 on KASE development. 3. to appoint Ernst&Young the auditor for 2014. 4. to take note of the information on absence in 2013 of claims from KASE shareholders on actions of the Exchange or its executives regarding its operations. 5. To approve changes and additions No.1 to the Regulations on the Exchange Board of Directors effective as of May 29, 2014. For reference: - consolidation of KASE 2013 financial statements was carried out jointly with statements of subsidiaries Information agency of financial market IRBIS LLP and eTrade.kz LLP for the same period; auditing of KASE financial statements for 2013 was carried out by Ernst&Young; - based on 2013 results the net profit of KASE on particular financial statements increased by 78.3 % compared with the similar indicator for 2012 and made up KZT351,148,090.28. [2014-05-29]