KASE announces concluding non-arm's length deal

27.05.14 12:58
/KASE, May 27, 14/ – On May 13, 2014 Board of Directors of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) approved concluding an agreement with Halyk Finance, subsidiary of Halyk Savings Bank of Kazakhstan, on commercial services on organizing the offering of proposed international bonds of National company Kazakhstan Temir Zholy JSC for purchase on the regulated securities market of Kazakhstan as a non-arm's length deal for KASE. According to the Rules of posting on the website of the financial statements depository, stock exchange of information on corporate events, financial statements and auditor's reports approved by resolution No. 72 of Management Board of National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated February 24, 2012, we announce the following information. 1. Value of the underlying assets: not applicable. 2. Date of the most recent underlying assets appraisal: not applicable. 3. Percentage ratio of the underlying assets value to the total assets value: not applicable. 4. Main substantial terms of the deal: - informing KASE members of the forthcoming bonds subscription; - arranging for acceptance of KASE members' bond purchase orders; - building the registry of orders received from KASE members and presenting the registry to the company; - informing KASE members of results of satisfying their orders; - disseminating information on results of the bond subscription; - financial terms: in accordance with KASE internal document "Regulations on Membership fees and Exchange Dues" KASE commission fees on the mentioned agreement will make up 0.025 % of the total face value of bonds placed (sold) based on results of that subscription (at least 250-fold MCI and not more than 5,000-fold MCI); if in the process of that agreement execution not a single deal in the bonds will be concluded or the company will relinquish the bond offering, then KASE commission fees will make up 50-fold MCI. 5. Agreement conclusion deal: May 23, 2014. Halyk Finance, subsidiary of Halyk Savings Bank of Kazakhstan, in accordance with sub-item 4 of item 1 of article 64 of Kazakhstan's Act on "Joint-Stock Companies" is an affiliated person towards KASE. [2014-05-27]