USD/KZT at the day closing - 140.05/15 (indicators)

03.11.99 00:00
/IRBIS, Nov.03, 99/ - According to REUTERS, at the moment of closing of Kazakhstan's OTC-market on November 03 tenge/dollar quotations has made 140.05/15 tenge per dollar at the average weighted exchange rate of 140.06 (+0.10) and session closing quotations of 139.91/140.00. By the dealers interbank quotations, tenge as against of the previous day closing decreased by 5 points on demand and on supply. The dollar quotations in the interbank market of Kazakhstan remain stable. Only to the day closing a small rise in supply and demand prices was observed. It is remarkable that the level of 140.10 tenge established on the Exchange session, as well as was not overpassed on the OTS trades. The spreads today varied from 1 to 10 points at an average 6. That is very low value for the market. In opinion of the IRBIS experts, tenge has reasonable chances to become stronger on KASE tomorrow. The National Bank has attracted today by the notes placement 1.7 billion tenges. Besides money for the MEKKAM and MEKAVM purchased at the week's auctions, should be transferred tomorrow morning to the Ministry of Finance. Note-42 are placed tomorrow. The banks will not have a large volume of free means, especially since there were no significant transactions in the KASE's repo sector.