USD/KZT at the day closing - 140,45/60 (indicators)

26.10.99 00:00
/IRBIS, Oct.26, 99/ - According to REUTERS, at the moment of October 22 Kazakhstan's OTC-market closing tenge/dollar quotations has made 140.45/60 tenge per dollar at the average weighted exchange rate of 140.53 (-0.03) and session closing quotations of 140.53/55. By the dealers interbank quotations, tenge as against of the previous day closing increased by 9 points on demand and increased by 4 points on supply. The interbank dollar quotations after small decreasing at 2:00 p.m. Almaty time were relatively stable till the day closing. The spreads after dinner varied from 6 to 15 points, at average 10. Their values practically do not differ from Friday's. At that, to the day closing they have reached the day's maximum that is usual for the last time. As a rule the dealers feel uncertainty in tendency after banks' operational day closing. The market is stable. The searches of favorable variants of dollar selling or purchasing at the rate considerably differ from Exchange's, are not always to crowned with success. The quotations of the interbank overnight tenge deposits at the day closing made 3/9% p.a., at the day's maximum of 8/14%. Practically any changes in the quotations were not observed that testifies to complete restoration of short-term liquidity by the banks. The real price of short money today on KASE for the bank of the second tier - 8.0% p.a. for 2 days. There were no especial banks' activity in the repo sector. Demand at today's MEKAVM -6 placement exceeded the appropriate parameter of the previous auction almost by two million US dollars, and was so "soft" that was completely satisfied by the emitter at the almost constant average weighted rate of the bonds' yield. The technical market indicators testify that the banks have enough of money, but they hardly probable will appear on the exchange market. According to the IRBIS analysts opinion, the balance of dollar supply and demand established in the end of the last week, will be saved in the nearest days. Most likely, there will be no essential changes on the Wednesday trades, and the dollar rate will fluctuate within the interval of several points.