01.08.13 14:45
/KASE, August 1, 13/ – As of August 1, 2013, Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) Committee on Indices and Securities Valuation by its decision of August 1, 2013 defined new parameters of shares, included in the representative list of KASE index – portions of shares in free circulation and restrictive coefficients. The table below shows new share parameters and those effective till August 1, influencing the KASE index value. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Effective from August 1, 2013 Effective before August 1, 2013 -------------- ------- ----------- -------------- ------- ------------ free restrictive free restrictive offered float coefficient offered float coefficient Ticker shares (Fi), % (Ri) shares (Fi), % (Ri) ------- -------------- ------- ----------- -------------- ------- ------------ CCBN 162,456,800 27.2 1.0000000 162,456,800 27.2 1.0000000 GB_ENRC 1,287,750,000 18.6 0.3821847 1,287,750,000 18.6 0.3130079 GB_KZMS 535,420,180 43.1 0.2933566 535,420,180 43.1 0.2364567 HSBK 10,911,224,990 20.6 0.6985986 10,911,224,990 24.7 0.6884710 KCEL 200,000,000 25.0 0.3836274 200,000,000 25.0 0.4651709 KKGB 778,625,062 7.3 1.0000000 778,625,062 7.3 1.0000000 KZTK 10,721,204 21.1 1.0000000 10,726,650 21.1 1.0000000 KZTO 384,635,599 10.0 1.0000000 384,635,599 10.0 1.0000000 RDGZ 67,693,075 36.3 0.1408385 70,090,842 38.5 0.1121824 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ In addition, by the mentioned Committee on Indices and Securities Valuation decision from August 1, 2013, at the KASE index calculation shall be used the new adjustment coefficient (K) value – 0.9916809. NOTES TO TABLE KASE Index – KASE share market index, showing change of prices of shares listed on the representative list for calculation of the index with account to capitalization of issuers and number of free floating shares (free float). One stock may not exceed 15 % weight in the index. KASE Index is calculated within a trading day as deals in the representing stocks are concluded. In case no deals, parameters of which are required for calculation of the KASE Index were made in the stock during a trading day, for purposes of such calculation, results of the last resultant trading session will be used. The Methodology of index calculation is regulated by the KASE internal document "Methodology of Stock Market Indicators Calculation", available at the KASE website at: The page on the index is available at: Ticker shows: issuer code of security trading on KASE (first 4 symbols, – common share code); share category (if the fifth symbol is "p", preferred share); share issue order number (if required, the sixth symbol is a digit). Issuers code: CCBN – Bank CenterCredit; GB_KZMS – KAZAKHMYS PLC; GB_ENRC – EURASIAN NATURAL RESOURCES CORPORATION PLC; HSBK – Halyk Savings Bank of Kazakhstan; KCEL – Kcell; KKGB – Kazkommertsbank; KZTK – Kazakhtelecom; KZTO – KazTransOil; RDGZ – KazMunaiGas Exploration Production. Offered shares – parameter, which is determined independently by KASE on the basis of listing company share register extract data or information provided by the company as a number of outstanding shares of a listing company net of those redeemed. KASE is taking into account the number of outstanding shares, which is confirmed by documents available on KASE. Free float (Fi), % – parameter, determined by KASE as a number of shares not owned by the state, issuer management and shareholders owning five or more percent of common shares of the issuer, except for shareholders in regard of which the Risk committee made a decision that such shareholders shall not be deemed as strategic (institutioanl investors, nominal holders, and entities performing functions of settlement service etc.). Restrictive coefficient (Ri) – parameter limiting weight of influence of one stock on index value to fifteen percent. [2013-08-01]