As of August 1 common shares KZ1C46390015 (KZ000A0X9NR1, ASZS) of Astana Gas Service (Kazakhstan) removed from KASE official list

31.07.13, 19:03
/KASE, July 31, 13/ – Following a decision of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) Listing Commission, as of August 1, 2013 common shares KZ1C46390015 (KZ000A0X9NR1, trade code – ASZS) of JSC "Astana Gas Service" (Astana) were removed from KASE official list. In KASE conclusion of July 10, 2013 it is said, that based on results of a check of JSC "Astana Gas Service" and its mentioned shares for compliance with listing requirements set out by Appendix No. 04.2-09/119 to the Order of the Chairman of Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan on regulation of Activities of the Regional Financial Center of Almaty "On Setting out of requirements for issuers whose securities are supposed to be included or have been included in the list of the special trading platform of the regional financial center of Almaty, as well as for such securities" dated May 8, 2008 for the third category incompliance of JSC "Astana Gas Service" with the listing requirement for equity amount was detected. According to financial statements of JSC "Astana Gas Service" for 2012 confirmed by an auditor's report the amount of equity of JSC "Astana Gas Service" as of December 31, 2012 made up a negative figure, which does not match the listing requirement se out by sub-item 4) item 6 of the mentioned Appendix. Based on the above-mentioned and in accordance with sub-item 2) item 1 article 19 of KASE internal document "Listing Rules" the mentioned shares were removed from the official list. The mentioned shares were included in the B category of KASE official list since August 4, 2008. Since September 10, 2008 they were transferred into the third category of KASE official list. Trading in them was opened since December 20, 2006. During the circulation of the said shares on KASE prices of deals made in them by the open trade method varied from KZT12,882.94 to KZT30,000.00 per share. [2013-07-31]