Complete results of placing of MEKAVM-6 #18/6В

20.10.99 00:00
/IRBIS, Oct.20, 99/ - October 20 the Ministry of Finance of Kazakhstan together with the National Bank has conducted the 18th auction for placement of MEKAVM-6 (182 days). Announced volume of issue is determined by the emitter at 3 millions of US dollars. Satisfaction size of the incompetitive applications - 50 % from established volume. The complete data and comparison with the previous comparable transh are given below. Type of securities MEKAVM-6 MEKAVM-6 NSIN KZ46L2004A06 KZ46L1304A05 Trade code at KASE МВМ006.018 МВМ006.017 IRBIS' registration number 18/6B 17/6B Nominal value, USD 100.00 100.00 Date of issue Oct.19, 1999 Oct.12,1999 Beginning of the circulation Oct.21, 1999 Oct.14,1999 Date of redemption Apr.20, 2000 Apr.13, 2000 Term of the circulation 182 days 182 days Number of the Primary dealers 11 ( 0) Demand, million USD 3.8 (- 1.8) Yield on demand weighted average, % p.a. 10.42 (+ 0.36) Scheduled volume, million USD 3.0 ( 0) Actual volume, million USD 3.4 (- 1.6) The cutting off price, USD 95.67 ( 0) The weighted average price, USD 95.67 ( 0) Maximum yield, % p.a. 9.05 ( 0) Weighted average yield., % p.a. 9.05 ( 0) Weighted average yield., effective % p.a. 9.36 ( 0) The yield is expressed in a currency form. According to the information of The Ministry of Finance, no applications were received from non-residents for the auction. There is nothing new in the sector. The emitter does not wish to change the bonds yield even despite the large volume of redemption on Thursday and Friday. The demand has become "softer". It is similar, that the participants have believed, that there will be no any accidents in the currency market in the nearest three months.