Tenge begins to lost points on the OTC market of Kazakhstan

14.10.99 00:00
/IRBIS, Oct 14, 99/ - As it was informed earlier, at closing of the KASE session the tenge per US dollar quotation were fixed at the level of 140.95/98 at an average weighted rate of 140.95. Following are the quotations of Kazakhstan interbank currency market provided by dealers to the REUTERS information system (the interval is about an hour): 140.95/98 - Exchange closing, 140.96/141.06 140.85/141.05 140.90/141.10 140.93/141.03 141.00/10 - at 4:00 p.m. Almaty time The interbank quotations both on demand and on supply fix gradual and dollar strengthening after exchange trades closing. The overnight interbank tenge deposits quotations essentially reduced today in comparison with yesterday's to 5% (demand) and 15% (supply). The double reduction of the short money prices was observed within a day. In opinion of the IRBIS analysts, the dollar rate grow was caused by the redemption of MEKAVM-6 first issue, 14th issue MEKAVM-3 and 333rd issue of the National Bank notes. Taking into account that total volume of State Securities redemption in the week does not exceed 1,427.7 million tenges, the influence of this money can be short-term and minimum.