Complete results of placement of MEKAVM-6 #16/6B

06.10.99 00:00
/IRBIS, Oct.06, 99/ - On October 5 the Ministry of Finance of Kazakhstan with the National Bank of Kazakhstan held sixteenth auction on placement of MEKAVM-6 (182 days). Announced volume of the issue is determined by the emitter at $3 mln. Size of satisfaction of noncompetitive applications is 50%. Following is the complete placement data and comparison with previous similar tranche. Type of the securities MEKAVM-6 MEKAVM-6 NSIN KZ46L0604A04 KZ46L3003A05 KASE trade code МВМ006.016 МВМ006.015 IRBIS registration number 16/6B 15/6B Nominal value, tenge 100.00 100.00 Issuance date Oct. 5, 99 Sep.28, 99 Circulation start date Oct. 7, 99 Sep.30, 99 Maturity date Apr. 6, 2000 March 30, 2000 Days in circulation 91 91 Number of Primary dealers 7 (+1) Demand, mln tenge 4.8 (-0.5) Weighted average yield on demand, % APR 10.04 (-0.55) Planned volume, mln USD 3.0 (0) Actual volume, mln USD 3.9 (-1.1) Cut-off price, % of nominal 95.67 (0) Weighted average price, % of nominal 95.67 (0) Maximum yield, % APR 9.05 (0) Weighted average yield, % APR 9.05 (0) Effective weighted average yield, % APR 9.36 (0) Yield is given in currency terms. The Ministry of Finance informs that no applications were received from non- residents at the auction. Placement results show that the market participants continue to "vote" by demand for future growth of the dollar exchange rate. Nothing interesting in the sector. The emitter keeps the yield at previous level, and hardly the situation will change in a short term.