USD/KZT at day closing - 142.20/55 (indicators)

05.10.99 00:00
/IRBIS, Oct.05, 99/ - According to REUTERS at the moment of October 05 OTC market of Kazakhstan closing tenge/dollar quotations has made 142,10/40 tenge per dollar at the average weighted exchange rate of 142,21 (+0,62) and session closing quotations of 141,75/90. By the dealers interbank quotations, tenge as against of the previous day closing increased by 10 points on demand and by 15 points on supply. The tenge strengthening has became remarkable after 4:00 p.m. when the dollar quotation - after three hours grow started to decrease slowly. Spreads of the interbank quotations varied from 8 to 35 points at average 21 and were quite similar to the yesterday's. Grow of spreads were fixed mainly at the two last hours. Rates of the overnight interbank tenge deposits almost did not change during a day and made at day closing 5% p.a. (demand) and 10% p.a. (supply). It is quite low level for the last days. Big volume of dollar trades on KASE, active quoting in the OTS market and the current tenge devaluation trends (month - 82.8, week - 41.4%, day - 160.8% p.a.) testify that dollar still to be a popular financial tool. The appeal of the indexed by USD/KZT rate toolkit grows under the influence of not falling devaluation sentiments. It is possible that this circumstance explains a rather great demand, which was observed today at the MEKAVM-6 placement. At forecasting of Wednesday's rate changes the IRBIS analysts take into account the ratio of dollar quotations at 6:00 p.m. and the exchange session parameters. Decrease of dollar quotations in the OTS market after closing of banks of the second tier can be interpreted variously, but it also testifies that tenge tomorrow can remain at the former items. Similar, that the high volumes of the current week trades have resulted in complete restoration of the currency positions of the banks of the second level. From global dollar buying the dealers pass to gamble, "the exchange - OTS market" arbitration and to work in adjacent sectors of financial market. It is most probable that tomorrow there will be no significant changes of the rate on the exchange. The small tenge strengthening or easing will be stipulated by working market fluctuations.