KASE shareholders approve Exchange 2012 financial statements and decide to omit 2012 dividend payout

31.05.13, 10:53
/KASE, May 31, 13/ – Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE or Exchange) announces that the annual general meeting of its shareholders took place on May 30, 2012, whereas the following decisions were taken. 1. To approve annual KASE 2012 financial statements, according to which - The exchange group's equity rose by KZT209,179 th., or by 8.98 %, to KZT2,538,158 th.; - assets rose by KZT306,364 th., or by 11.51 %, to KZT2,967,908 th.; - revenues rose by KZT32,915 th., or by 2.95 %, to KZT1,146,975 th.; - expenses decreased by KZT30,491 th. , or by 3.37 %, to KZT873,733 th.; - net income of the group rose by 29.53 % to KZT210,034 th. 2. To approve the following procedure of KASE 2012 net income (profit) distribution: - not to pay out dividends on KASE common shares due for 2012; - to channel the net income (profit) of KASE for 2012 to the amount of KZT196,969,277.40 into KASE development. 3. To determine LLP "Ernst & Young" as auditor of Exchange 2013 financial statements. 4. To take note of the information about the absence of KASE shareholders' appeals against actions of the Exchange and its executives in 2012. For reference: - Consolidation of KASE 2012 annual financial statements was carried out with statements of Exchange subsidiaries: LLP "Information agency of financial markets "IRBIS" and LLP "eTrade.kz" for the same period; auditing of KASE 2012 financial statements was carried out by LLP "Deloitte"; - Based on 2012 results, KASE net income according to the separate financial statements rose by 26.50 % on the year 2011, making up KZT196,969,277.40. [2013-05-31]