Week balance of Ministry of Finance of Kazakhstan drawing in market of internal debt - minus 1, 271.7 million tenges

29.09.99 00:00
/IRBIS, Sep.29, 99/ - The Ministry of Finance will finish the 40th week on the internal debt market with the following results. At an actual volume of redemption of 2,008.5 million tenges (#12/3B, KZ43L3009990 and #1/3I, KZ31L3009995) the emitter has attracted $5.0 million (equivalent in tenge at the official rate on Sep.29, 99 - 736.8 million). Calculation of the parameters was performed by the IRBIS agency taking into account, that all securities of the 108th MEKKAM-6 issue (KZ46L3009993) were converted into АВМЕКАМ. The negative balance of MF net drawing in the week is evaluated by 1,271.7 million tenges. The payment of the MEIKAM-3 first issue (KZ31L3009995) compensation will be carried out on October 07 with allowance of inflation index. Now the issue is redeemed according to a nominal rate. In the market of external liabilities the Ministry of Finance managed to place issue of Euronotes on the sum of $200 million, but budget has yet not received money from this placement. At the same time on October 02 the emitter should make the second transh (XS0080679961) coupon payment on the sum of $14.7 million.