/REPETITION/ Kazkommerts Securities announced completion of offering of Samruk Energy (Kazakhstan) bonds KZ2C0Y03E334 (KZ2C00001873, SNRGb1)

19.03.13 16:48
/KASE, March 19, 13/ – Kazkommerts Securities (Subsidiary of Kazkommertsbank) (Almaty, in the headline – Kazkommerts Securities), the financial advisor and underwriter of issue of bonds KZ2C0Y03E334 (KZ2C00001873, KASE official list Rated Debt Securities category, SNRGb1) of Samruk Energy (Astana), provided to KASE the following official notice: quotation On March 19, 2013, offering of declared volume of coupon bonds NIN KZ2C0Y03E334; ISIN KZ2C00001873 (KASE official list Rated Debt Securities category, SNRGb1) of Samruk Energy (Astana) has been completed. The offered volume made up KZT500,000,000 at a face value (500,000 bonds – 16.7 % from the total number of authorized bonds of this issue), the yield to maturity at offering – 6.00 %. The credit ratings of mentioned bonds – Fitch Ratings: BBB (November 11, 12), Expert RA Kazakhstan: A++ (November 1, 12). The mentioned bonds have been admitted to KASE official list Rated Debt Securities category (KZT1,000, KZT3.0 bn; November 12, 12 – November 12, 15, semi-annual coupon 6.00 % APR, 30/360) from November 12, 2012. The market maker obligations on the mentioned bonds on KASE will be fulfilled by Kazkommerts Securities (Subsidiary of Kazkommertsbank) (Almaty) with the mandatory quotation minimum volume for a market-maker is set in the size of 2,000 monthly calculation indices. The details on the mentioned bonds issue are available on KASE website at http://www.kase.kz/ru/emitters/show/SNRG ends [2013-03-19]