Capital Hotels (Kazakhstan) paid 2nd coupon on bonds KZ2C0Y07D923 (KZ2C00000222, CAHOb1)

04.07.12 17:40
/KASE, July 4, 12/ - Capital Hotels (Almaty) informed Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) by the official letter on payment of the second coupon interest on its bonds KZ2C0Y07D923 (KZ2C00000222, KASE official list Rated Debt Securities category, CAHOb1; KZT1,000, KZT1.2 bn, June 6, 11 - June 6, 18; semi-annual coupon 9.00 % APR; 30/360). According to the mentioned message the interest was paid in the amount of KZT11,027,700.00. KASE reminds that in compliance with the Exchange internal document "Rules of Exchange Information Dissemination", KASE is not responsible for authenticity of disseminated information on the Exchange members and securities issuers, admitted to circulation on the Exchange, if this information is based on messages and documents received by the Exchange from these members and securities issuers in pursuance of their obligations to the Exchange. KASE does not validate the mentioned messages and documents when developing this information. Individuals, willing to refute the information, published in this message, must apply to KASE by a corresponding official letter. [2012-07-04]