"Alliance Bank" JCS has appealed against a sentence to the former Chief of the bank

26.07.11 16:48
/IRBIS, July 26, 2011/ - JSC "Alliance Bank" filed an appeal against the sentence of Medeu District Court on trial of former bank management, including a civil lawsuit for compensation for the bank's damages, was stated in the report released today by the Bank. As indicated, July 25, 2011 in Medeu district court by the bank was filed an appealto revise the sentence in imposing on convicted stricter penalties, and to meet civil claim for damages to the bank in full. Earlier, on July 8, 2011 Medeu district court partially granted the bank, collecting the sum of convicted damages in the amount of 177,486,445,109 tenge. While the claim amount of 5,815,406,867 tenge was left without a court review. "Bank, taking into account the provision of court with conclusive evidence on all counts of inmates committed financial crimes, insisting on full compensation of damages in the amount of 183,301,851,976 (one hundred eighty-three billion three hundred one million eight hundred and fifty one thousand nine hundred seventy six) KZT" - was indicated in the message. As noted, also, while considering a criminal case against MK Seysembaev, JJ Ertaev, IV Ivanova, RA Abylkasymova, AT Mamyrbekov court has, according to the bank, unreasonably denied the following: - the indictment to MK Seysembaev and RA Abylkasymova of art. 182 Part 3, paragraph "b" ("causing property damage by abuse of confidence, that is causing damage to property to the owner of the property through abuse of trust in the absence of signs of theft, using his official position, on a large scale"). - Accusing JJ Ertaev a crime under Art. 218 of the Criminal Code ("Violation of the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan on accounting and financial reporting"). - MK Seisembayev, JJ Ertayev, IV Ivanova, RA Abylkasymova were sentenced under Article 220 of the Criminal Code ("Illegal use of cash of the bank"). Seysembaev and Ertaev were sentenced to two years' imprisonment (suspended) and a fine of $ 250 MCI. Ivanova and Abylkasymova - in the form of penalty payment of 500 MCI. Also, MK Seisembayev, IV Ivanova, RA Abylkasymova were denied the right to carry on banking business for two years. "As previously stated, shareholders, creditors and the governing bodies of JSC "Alliance Bank" regarded the sentence as too mild and not corresponding to the severity of the damage" - was stated in the message. [2011-07-26]