Market reviews and recommendations of BCC Invest JSC (Kazakhstan) analysts for July 20, 2011

20.07.11 14:45
/IRBIS. July 20, 2011/ - BCC Invest JSC has provided IRBIS with a survey of main events, market reviews and investment ideas for July 20, 2011. The analysts expect positive opening of trades on KASE on positive external background. During the day, according to the forecasts, the dynamics of stocks included into KASE index, will remain mixed and multidimensional, and KASE index will end the day with moderate increase. Analysts of JSC "BCC Invest" expect the following developments on Kazakhstani market today: - From 01 to 31 August 2011 in the KASE trading system will be held eleventh specialized trades in preferred shares KZ1P51460114, KZ000A0RMTC3 (the official list of KASE, the third category, RDGZp) of JCS "EP "KazMunaiGas"(Astana). The total number of authorized and placed preference shares of JSC "Exploration Production "KazMunaiGas" currently stands at 4,136,107 units. The buyer intends to purchase up to 100% of the specified number of securities. Specialized auction will be held in the trade system of KASE from 11:30 Almaty time (ALT) on August 1 to 16:00 ALT August 31, 2011. Code of security in the auction - RDGZpA. With cut-off is determined by the buyer prior to 16:30 ALT August 31, 2011. Calculations will be held September 5, 2011 (T +3), in accordance with the rules of JSC "Central Depository of Securities" (Almaty). At the auction are accepted only limited applications filed in the KASE trading system by the closed method. Acceptance method for sale - at cut off price. The purchaser can satisfy all requests, prices are equal to or less than the cut-off price of this price. Described trades are part of program of JSC "EP "KazMunaiGas" to redeem its preferred shares. According to our opinion, the message is neutral for the quotations of depositary receipts of ordinary shares of EP KMG because of their own redemption of preferred shares held by the Issuer in accordance with earlier insured program. Analysts of JSC "BCC Invest" expect the following developments on international markets today: - Russia is expected to publish data for fiscal balances and consumer price index. - in Germany at 12:00 (AST) will be published producer price data. In Italy at 14:00 (AST) to be published data on orders and sales in the industrial sector, and at 15:00 (AST) - Balance of Payments. At 14:30 (AST) The Bank of England publishes minutes of meetings of directors. At 20:00 (AST) to be published data on euro area consumer confidence. - in U.S. at 17:00 (AST) to be published data on applications for mortgages from the MBA, and at 20:00 (AST) - Sales of existing homes. - today the following are reporting: America Movil SAB de CV, Abbott Laboratories, United Technologies Corp, American Express Co, Altria Group Inc, EMC Corp, US Bancorp, BlackRock Inc, PNC Financial Services Group Inc, Johnson Controls Inc, Seagate Technology PLC, Noble Corp, and others. Analysts of BCC Invest JSC are giving the following advice for investors in securities of issuers in internal market: ------------------------------------------------------------- Closing Target Potential, Issuer Code price price % Recommen- dation ----------------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- --------- Kazkommertsbank KKGB 390.55 545 +39.55 Hold KKGBp 188 168 -10.64 Neutral Halyk Bank HSBK 325 415 +27.69 Hold Bank CenterCredit CCBN 490 608 +24.08 Buy Tsesnabank TSBN 942.85 1,030 +9.24 Neutral KazMunaiGaz RDGZ 17,145 20,500 +19.57 Buy Kazakhmys PLC GB_KZMS 3,031 3,500 +15.47 Hold ENRC PLC GB_ENRC 1,850 2,200 +18.92 Buy Kazakhtelekom KZTK 19,700 Review KZTKp 9,210 9,300 +0.98 Hold MREK MREK 1,100 1,130 +2.73 Hold ------------------------------------------------------------- The given material has exclusively information character and is not the offer or recommendation to make any transactions with the stocks. Agency Irbis doesn't take responsibility for the opinions which are in given material. [2011-07-20]