MasterCard and Visa have been hacked by Wikileaks supporters

09.12.10 18:02
/IRBIS, December 9, 2010/ - MasterCard and Visa are under attack by hackers, said today by RBC, with reference to statements by the payment systems. As indicated, according to representatives of the MasterCard Company, as a result of action outside "the payment system is completely stopped functioning." They specified that the suspect in the attack supporters Wikileaks. According to representatives of MasterCard, are not working and the site system. On the eve of MasterCard froze the transfer of funds to an Internet project WikiLeaks in connection with an investigation against the founder of the project by Mrs. Julian Assandzha. According to representatives of MasterCard, the transactions suspended "until the end of the investigation of the WikiLeaks and clarify the situation." A similar announcement of the freezing of accounts WikiLeaks also came from the world's leading payment system Visa. In addition, electronic payment service PayPal has stopped the transfer of funds to WikiLeaks, in connection with which Mrs. Assandzha was forced to open an account in the company of PostFinance, the structural units of nearly Switzerland. However, PostFinance reported that closed the account of Mrs. Assandzha. [2010-12-09]