Forecasts and recommendations of analysts of BTA Securities (Kazakhstan) for October 22, 2010

22.10.10 18:37
/IRBIS, October 22, 2010/ -BTA Bank JSC subsidiary BTA Securities (BTA Securities, Almaty) has provided IRBIS with a survey of main events, Forecasts and Investment ideas for October 22, 2010. According to the report, analysts note that the premarket on world markets is composed as follows: - Today, the Asian stock market traded in a moderately positive zone. Weak growth in the U.S. market on the eve identified similar sentiment in Asia. The main stimulus for growth while the U.S. stands a good statistics on unemployment, but the improvement in performance is insufficient to review the long-term view of prospects for the U.S. economy. Economic incentives are still needed. Some supports to Asian indexes today provide a good corporate reporting. - The euro/dollar today is perhaps one of the main reasons for a restrained dynamics of the stock market. In morning trading on the exchange rate decreased 0.8%, preventing the consolidation of the euro at levels above 1.40. Support to the dollar today has statement by the President of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, James Bullard, that he favored a gradual approach to quantitative easing, i.e. no ads at once the total repurchase of assets. Positive news for Americans, because hypothetically, this approach will lead to a slower fall. On the other hand, uncertainty about the volumes of quantitative easing could undermine the optimism of investors who have pinned their expectations with specific volumes. According to the BTA Securities, the Fed will be inclined to declare the amount of incentives in order to avoid undesired reaction of the market, and the statement by the Fed will have only a temporary boost to the "green". - Trading in commodity markets today are in a moderately positive. Brent crude oil and copper synchronous rise in price by 0.3%. Gold shows a side dynamics. In general, there is pressure consolidating the dollar on commodities markets. - European and U.S. investors today are likely to begin trading in a restrained manner. Corporate reporting in the absence of meaningful statistics on the U.S. and Europe will be the main trigger for the movement of the market shares. Block statements today are not great. The greatest interest today will represent the financial results of U.S. companies Shlumberger and Verizon Communications. Analysts of BTA Securities give the following advice for investors in securities of issuers in Kazakhstan: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stock Final Target price Recom Potential Emitter Exch price 2010 year mendation % percent ange -------------------------- ----- -------- ------------ --------- --------- Banks -------------------------------------------------------------------------- KAZKOMMERTSBANK-GDR LSE 5.9 9.8 Buy +66 KAZKOMMERTSBANK KASE 426.0 728.3 Buy +71 KAZKOMMERTSBANK -PREF KASE 220.0 388.5 Buy +77 HALYK BANK-GDR LSE 9.1 10.5 Buy +16 HALYK BANK KASE 330.0 377.5 Buy +14 HALYK BANK -PREF (HSBKP) KASE 185.2 189.0 Hold +2 HALYK BANK -PREF1 (HSBKP1) KASE 175.0 189.0 Hold +8 BANK CENTER CREDIT KASE 610.0 1,531.0 Buy +151 -------------------------- ----- -------- ------------ --------- --------- Oil and Gaz: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- KAZKMUNAIGAZ-GDR LSE 17.5 n/a Review n/a KAZKMUNAIGAZ KASE 15,700.0 n/a Review n/a BMB MUNAI AMEX 0.57 n/a Review n/a -------------------------- ----- -------- ------------ --------- --------- Metallurgy: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- KAZAKHMYS PLC LSE 1,338.0 1,427.0 Hold +7 ENRC LSE 927.0 1,216.0 Buy +31 KAZAKHGOLD-GDR LSE 3.8 7.0 Buy +85 URANIUM ONE LSE 3.8 3.3 Hold -13 -------------------------- ----- -------- ------------ --------- --------- Companies with small capital: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- KAZAKTELECOM KASE 15,990.0 22,825.0 Buy +112 STEPPE CEMENT LSE 43.5 120.9 Buy +178 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- The given material has exclusively information character and is not the offer or recommendation to make any transactions with the stocks. Agency Irbis doesn't take responsibility for the opinions which are in given material. [2010-10-22]