JSC Samruk Energy has shown interest in managing of LLP Shygysenergotrade in East Kazakhstan

20.10.10, 18:40
/IRBIS, October 20, 2010/ - JSC Samruk Energy has shown interest in managing LLP Shygysenergotrade in East Kazakhstan, according to today's press office AES Corporation in Kazakhstan. Group of Companies AES in Kazakhstan informs that Samruk Energy "has shown interest in managing LLP Shygysenergotrade in eastern Kazakhstan. At present the sides are discussing terms for the transfer and plan to complete negotiations before the end of 2010," - it's stated in the message. As noted, low rate LLP Shygysenergotrade and debts of public utilities, the Shimei were numerous reasons for the restrictions of electricity in the WSO at the beginning of 2010. Tariff increase in April allowed LLP Shygysenergotrade "to ensure an uninterrupted supply of electricity to the region and reduce debt to JSC" KEGOC ". However, as indicated, the existing tariff level does not allow the LLP Shygysenergotrade "to guarantee a reliable supply of energy in the region since January 2011. "The group of companies in Kazakhstan, AES expects that Samruk Energo, managing LLP Shygysenergotrade" will be able to agree on the necessary level of tariff in the Department of AREM SAI. And it would ensure uninterrupted supply of electricity in the East Kazakhstan region, "- noted in the press release. JSC Samruk Energy - it participates in power supply to the city of Almaty, and also owns a number of large generating plants in Kazakhstan. "Transfer of LLP Shygysenergotrade" under control of JSC "Samruk Energy" is the subject of negotiations between the parties. AES reserves all rights associated with these negotiations, "- it's stated in the message. [2010-10-20]