Market reviews and recommendations of BCC Invest JSC (Kazakhstan) analysts for August 11, 2010

11.08.10 17:56
/IRBIS. August 11, 2010/ - BCC Invest JSC has provided IRBIS with a survey of main events, market reviews and investment ideas for August 11, 2010. Analysts of JSC "BCC Invest" now expects mixed opening trades at KASE on the background of the decline of shares and depositary receipts of Kazakh companies in London yesterday. During the day, fixing the profit may continue, which again could lead to a negative close on index KASE. .JSC BCC Invest also note the following important events in the Kazakhstan market: - The unemployment rate in Kazakhstan in July amounted to 5.7%. The economy of the republic in July 2010 (estimated) was employed 8.2 million people. With regard to the same period last year their number increased by 248.0 thousand people or 3.1%. Number of employees in that period amounted to 5.4 million (66.3% of total employment). The number of unemployed in July was estimated at 498.1 thousand people, the unemployment rate - 5.7%. Officially the end of July 2010 is registered at employment services of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Kazakhstan - 71.7 thousand people. The proportion of registered unemployed amounted to 0.8% of the economically active population (July 2009 - 1.2%). It is estimated that in July 2010 level of hidden unemployment was 0.4% of the economically active population. Unemployed (according to ILO standards) - is a person who had no gainful employment (work), he actively sought and were ready for him. Hidden unemployment (involuntary part-time employment) - shows how the number of workers employed in the mode of reduced working week, or part-time, and is on administrative leave without pay or with partial pay. The level of hidden unemployment - the share does not fully (partly) occupied and are on forced leave of workers in the economically active population, measured in percentage. .JSC BCC Invest also note the following important events in world market: - in the Russian market is expected to yield regular data on weekly inflation at the current Monday. In addition, in the middle of the week is expected to publish data on the growth of GDP in the second quarter relative to the same period last year. At the opening of trading on Wednesday, analysts of JSC "BCC Invest" expect adverse market dynamics on the closed downward against the eve of the U.S. stock market. - European markets, world investors will follow the release of statistics from China, where today went out data on inflation, the index of producer prices, data on the volume of industrial production, as well as data on retail sales in July. In addition, in the UK there are data on unemployment for June and July. Also, today released a report of the Bank of England on inflation. - U.S. market is data on the trade balance in June, and stocks of petroleum and petroleum products per week. In addition, to be published monthly report on the budget for July. In the corporate sector is expected to announce financial statements of companies as Cisco Systems and Macy's Inc. Analysts of BCC Invest JSC are giving the following advice for investors in securities of issuers in internal market: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Issuer Last price Target Predicted price. code price % Recom- mendation ----------------- ------- ---------- ------ ---------------- --------- Kazkommertsbank KKGB 445 479 +7.64 Neutral KKGBp 209 335 +60.29 Buy Halyk Bank HSBK 349.90 386 +10.32 Buy Bank CenterCredit CCBN 552 734 +32.97 Buy Tsesnabank TSBN 960 737 -23.23 Cut KazMunaiGaz RDGZ 17,601 Review Kazakhmys PLC GB_KZMS 2,950 3,392 +14.98 Hold ENRC PLC GB_ENRC 2,180 2,638 +21.01 Buy Kazakhtelekom KZTK 14,789.99 19,200 +29.82 Buy KZTKp 7,425 9,300 +25.25 Buy MREK MREK 1,100 1,130 +2.73 Hold ---------------------------------------------------------------------- The given material has exclusively information character and is not the offer or recommendation to make any transactions with the stocks. Agency Irbis doesn't take responsibility for the opinions which are in given material. [2010-08-11]