Stock indices emerging markets by results on July 23, 2010

26.07.10 16:30
/IRBIS, July 26, 2010/ - Following the results of the auctions on July 23, 2010 Value of indexes of share platforms of developing countries (Emerging Markets) has made: ---------------------------------------------------------------- Trend (in %) for ------------------------ from the History max.** July 23, 2010 a day* a month beginning of 2010 ---------- ------------- ------ ------- --------- -------------- Bovespa 66,322.99 +0.87 +1.78 -3.30 73,516.82 PFTS 801.52 +0.80 -4.67 +39.90 1,208.61 MerVal 2,375.20 +0.66 +2.07 +2.35 2,487.76 RTS 1,449.19 +0.44 +2.17 +0.32 2,487.92 BSE Sensex 18,130.98 +0.10 +2.11 +3.81 20,873.33 MICEX 1,380.86 -0.04 +0.21 +0.79 1,969.91 MSCI EM 981.42 +0.82 +2.21 -0.81 1,338.49 KASE 1,426.43 +1.23 -3.51 -19.33 2,876.17 ---------------------------------------------------------------- ** rows sorted in descending order a day ** historic maximum for the whole history of index calculation Emerging Markets Stock indices have closed last week on a positive note, MSCI Emerging Markets Index rose to its highest level in the past 11 weeks. Support was provided by positive corporate news from the U.S.. Recall that carmaker Ford Motor Co. reported that its net profit in the first half of this year grew 5.6 times compared to last year and totaled $ 4.68 billion telecommunications company Verizon Communications Inc. also reported that its net profit Verizon in the first half totaled $ 211 million and revenue - $ 53.7 billion, which also proved sine expectations of analysts. As a result of 2009- 2010 fiscal year ending June 30, net profit of Microsoft rose to $ 18.76 billion, compared with $ 14.57 billion a year earlier. The Hungarian stock market fell after Moody's Investors Service and Standard and Poor's placed the credit rating of the Government to review for possible reduction after the failure of the negotiation of a loan agreement with the International Monetary Fund and the European Union. Bovespa (IBOV Index) - index of approximately 50 stocks that are traded on the stock. commodity and futures exchanges in Sao Paulo. The index is calculated on the basis of changes in the theoretical portfolio of shares. constituting 80% of the total trade over the past 12 months and at least 80% of the volume of trades of the day. BSE Sensex - the index based on a weighted average of the 30 most liquid stocks listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). MERVAL Index - main index of the Buenos Aires stock market. calculated as the weighted average market value of a stock portfolio. selected according to their market share. number of transactions and value. PFTS Index - the index is calculated daily on the results of bidding Ukrainian PFTS stock exchange on the basis of weighted average price of transactions. The "index basket includes the most liquid stocks. which performed the greatest number of transactions. MICEX Ind - main index of the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange. including the 30 most liquid stocks of Russian issuers. RTSI - Russia's stock market index Stock Exchange RTS. Calculated on the basis of 50 securities of most capitalized Russian companies. MSCI EM - a composite index of stock market capitalization of emerging markets areas. Since May 2005. includes the index values 26 developing countries: Argentina. Brazil. Chile. China. Colombia. Czech Republic. Hungary. Egypt. India. Indonesia. Israel. Jordan. Korea. Malaysia. Mexico. Morocco. Pakistan. Peru. Philippines. Poland. Russia. South Africa. Thailand. Taiwan. Turkey and Venezuela. KASE Index - the index of the market shares of the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange. In a representative list of KASE index includes 7 shares. [2010-07-26]