Market reviews and recommendations of BCC Invest JSC (Kazakhstan) analysts for July 23, 2010

23.07.10 17:48
/IRBIS. July 23, 2010/ - BCC Invest JSC has provided IRBIS with a survey of main events, market reviews and investment ideas for July 23, 2010. Analysts of JSC "BCC Invest" now expect positive opening trades at KASE on external positive background, however, during the day investors can begin to capture profits and close positions before the weekend, which could negatively affect the dynamics of the final day. JSC BCC Invest also note the following important events in Kazakhstan market: - July 22, 2010 in the trade system of KASE trades in a specialized medium-term placement of government treasury bills of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan MEOKAM-48 release of 44 with maturity of 4 years (1440 days) and frequency of coupon payment 2 times a year. The volume of requests met totaled 10,558,000 units amounting to KZT10.56 billion (81.2% of the plan), coupon rate - 4.5% per annum. In total active bids on pension market entities had 9.6%, the share of Kazakhstan's second-tier banks (BWI) - 81.5%, broker-dealers - 2.8% of their customers - 6.1%. According to the data of the Central Securities Depository all deals on accommodation MEOKAM-48 Release 44, to the end of the calculations based on trades executed. 16.8% of the total volume of placed bonds was purchased by entities pension market, 65.3% - BWI, 1.9% - broker-dealer companies, 16.0% - customers' broker-dealer companies. Sold by the Ministry of Finance MEOKAM automatically admitted to trading on the secondary market of KASE under the trading code MOM048_0044. This bond must be quoted in the trade system of KASE in net prices. - Company KAZAKHMYS PLC (United Kingdom) reported on the inclusion of the company in the list of Association of London Bullion Market (LBMA). After testing silver bullion Balkhash metallurgical company. Research and analysis of silver bullion was conducted by independent experts. Kazakhmys Company has satisfied the LBMA on the productive capacity and financial situation. In the installation of a new automated bottling line of silver bullion, the company invested 710 thousand dollars. Weight of one ingot in accordance with international standard is 1000 ounces or 31.1 kg. Production capacity is set for casting of silver ingots of 400 tons per year. According to JSC "BCC Invest", the message is neutral for the stock price Kazakhmys PLC, as is more image character. Analysts of JSC "BCC Invest" confirm the recommendation of "buy" on shares of Kazakhmys PLC with target prices of 1,322 pence and KZT3,135 per share. JSC BCC Invest also note the following important events in world market: - Russian market trades are likely to be opened growth against a background of positive closing in America before, but towards the end of trading session, investors will likely begin to capture profits from the week before the weekend, which should lead to the sale on the market and lower indices. - U.S. market publications relevant macroeconomic statistics in the U.S. is not expected. The publication of corporate reports for the second quarter will continue. In particular, will be published reports of companies such as Southern Copper Corp, McDonald's Corp, Schlumberger Ltd, Ford Motor Co and Verizon Communications Inc. Analysts of BCC Invest JSC are giving the following advice for investors in securities of issuers in internal market: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Issuer Last price Target Predicted price. code price % Recom- mendation ----------------- ------- ---------- ------ ---------------- --------- Kazkommertsbank KKGB 356 479 +34.55 Neutral KKGBp 209 335 +60.29 Buy Halyk Bank HSBK 313 386 +23.32 Buy Bank CenterCredit CCBN 520 734 +41.15 Buy Tsesnabank TSBN 970 737 -24.02 Cut KazMunaiGaz RDGZ 16,900 Review Kazakhmys PLC GB_KZMS 2,450 3,135 +27.96 Hold ENRC PLC GB_ENRC 2,000 2,638 +31.90 Buy Kazakhtelekom KZTK 14,800 19,200 +29.73 Buy KZTKp 7,315 9,300 +27.14 Buy MREK MREK 1,000 1,130 +13.00 Hold ---------------------------------------------------------------------- The given material has exclusively information character and is not the offer or recommendation to make any transactions with the stocks. Agency Irbis doesn't take responsibility for the opinions which are in given material. [2010-07-23]