KASE opens trade in bonds KZ2C0Y10D695 (SKENb1) of KazSevEnergo (Kazakhstan) March 31

31.03.10 16:43
/KASE, March 31, 10/ - The Board of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) beginning March 31, 2010 opened trade in bonds KZ2C0Y10D695 (SKENb1, KZT100, KZT8.0 bn; 10.01.10 - 10.01.20, semiannual coupon 12.50 % APR; 30/360) of SevKazEnergo (Petropavlovsk). The bonds shall be quoted within the fourth decimal of the bond net price expressed in percent of nominal value. The market maker is Centras Securities (Almaty). The minimum mandatory quote is 28,300 bonds. The registrar is KAZREESTR (Almaty). The bonds were listed on KASE as Rated debt securities March 30, 2010. Details are available at the KASE website at http://www.kase.kz/en/emitters/show/sken [2010-03-31]