Common shares KZ1C53370017 (SUMB) of Sumbe (Kazakhstan) removed from KASE upon issuer's initiative beginning February 1

01.02.10 10:41
/KASE, February 1, 10/ - The Listing commission of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) decided to remove beginning February 1, 2010 common shares KZ1C53370017 (SUMB) of Sumbe (Almaty) from the KASE official list. The KASE opinion dated January 26, 2010 says on January 6, 2010 KASE received from Sumbe the following documents: - a request dated January 5, 2010 on voluntary delisting of the shares; - an extract from the share register, saying as on December 26, 2009 the only shareholder of Sumbe is KNOC White Hill B.V. (Amsterdam, Netherlands); - a decision of the sole shareholder of Sumbe dated January 5, 2010 on voluntary delisting on the shares in connection with the planned reorganization of Sumbe into a limited liability partnership. According to the provided documents the delisting of the shares will not infringe rights of investors and traders, since all outstanding shares belong to one shareholder that made a decision on voluntary delisting. On the basis of the aforesaid and in accordance with sub-item 1) of item 1 of article 19 of KASE internal document "Listing rules" the shares were de-listed. The shares were listed on KASE in category "В" on February 14, 2006, on September 2, 2008 transferred to the third category of the KASE official list. Trade therein was opened July 25, 2006. During the circulation on KASE the transaction share prices varied from KZT150,000.00 through KZT302,000.00 a share. [2010-02-01]