Combine for construction materials and structures-2 (Kazakhstan) delays the 2nd coupon payment on bonds KZ2P0Y03C772 (KSM2b1)

19.01.10 17:51
/KASE, 19.01.10/ - Combine for construction materials and structures-2 (Almaty Region) informed Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) by the official letter on delay of the second coupon interest payment on its bonds KZ2P0Y03C772 (KASE official list buffer category, KSM2b1; KZT100, KZT1.5 bn; January 3, 08 - January 3, 11, the annual coupon 12.00 % APR; 30/360). According to these bonds issue prospectus Combine for construction materials and structures-2 was to pay this interest on January 5-19, 2010. The prospectus stipulates that "default on bonds - non-payment or incomplete payment of the coupon interest, a face value and the last coupon interest during 20 (twenty) working days beginning the day following the completion of set forth by this prospectus interest and principal payment. If upon expiry of this period an issuer fails to fulfill obligations all rights of bonds holders and their interests protection are exercised in compliance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan". In the letter Combine for construction materials and structures-2 informed that: quotation starts Hereby, Combine for construction materials and structures-2 informs that due to financial problems the coupon interest on bonds NIN KZ2P0Y03C772 can not be paid in appropriate time and guarantees payment till April 30, 2010. quotation ends At present twelve companies, securities of which are present in KASE official list, informed on inability to fully or partially fulfill their obligations on bonds. Listed companies defaulted payment on bonds is available on KASE website in section "Issuers" ("default") at address KASE reminds that in compliance with the Exchange internal document "Rules of Exchange Information Dissemination", KASE is not responsible for authenticity of disseminated information on the Exchange members and securities issuers, admitted to circulation on the Exchange, if this information is based on messages and documents received by the Exchange from these members and securities issuers in pursuance of their obligations to the Exchange. KASE does not validate the mentioned messages and documents when developing this information. Individuals, willing to refute the information, published in this message, must apply to KASE by a corresponding official letter. [2010-01-19]