KASE trade system helps sell 182.0 th common shares KZ1C53370017 (SUMB) of Sumbe (Kazakhstan) at KZT146,909.28 a share December 25

25.12.09, 16:40
/KASE, December 25, 09/ - The Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) informed special trade was held on December 25, 2009 in the KASE trading system to sell common shares KZ1C53370017 (KASE, the third category, SUMB) of Sumbe (Almaty). Centras Securities (Almaty) was a seller and financial adviser at the trade. The total volume of authorized common shares of Sumbe currently is 1,382,000, of which 182,000 were outstanding. The declared sale volume equaled to the number of outstanding common shares. The seller intended to sell the shares in one lot. A KASE member a brokerage was a counter-agent submitting one order to buy the stock at a price KZT146,909.28 a share. The seller accepted the order in full with the sale amount reaching KZT26,737,488,960.00 (USD180,293,249.90 at the current exchange rate). [2009-12-25]