Bonds KZ2CKY05B950 (TSSMb1) of Transstroymost (Kazakhstan) de-listed from KASE September 29, 2009

29.09.09, 16:41
/KASE, September 29, 09/ - The Listing Commission of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) beginning September 29, 2009 de-listed bonds KZ2CKY05B950 (TSSMb1; KZT100, KZT5.0 bn; 06.04.06 - 06.04.11, semiannual coupon indexed to inflation rate, 11.20 % APR as for the current coupon period) of Transstroymost (Almaty oblast). The KASE opinion dated September 21, 2009 said in April 2009 Transstroymost defaulted on interest payment of the sixth coupon on the bonds. Besides, the issuer failed to present to KASE within ten business days following the date of receipt of corresponding written notification, the plan to remove grounds that had caused default and redemption of debt in payment of the interest as specified in item 13-5 of resolution of the Board of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Regulation and Supervision of Financial Market and Financial Organizations "On requirements to issuers and securities, admissible (admitted) to circulation on the stock exchange, and to individual categories of the stock exchange" dated May 26, 2008 No. 77. The opinion as well says Transstroymost does not comply with information disclosure requirements set by the Listing rules and Agreement on listing of serial corporate securities dated March 2006, concluded between Transstroymost and KASE. In connection with the mentioned above and according to sub-item 2) of item 13- 16 of the resolution and through systemic non-compliance (five times during twelve consecutive calendar months) of Transstroymost with requirements of item 1 of Appendix 2 to the Listing rules, item 1 article 25 of the Listing rules, items 6, 7 and 8 of the mentioned agreement and in compliance with sub-item 8) of item 1 of article 20 and item 4 of article 30 of the Listing rules the bonds were de-listed. Bonds of Transstroymost were listed on KASE in category "A" beginning April 6, 2006, beginning September 1, 2008 transferred to the first subcategory of Non-rated debt securities. Trade therein was opened April 7, 2006. During the circulation on KASE bonds' yield to maturity for buyer (on deals concluded at open trade) varied from 1.00 through 120.36 % APR. [2009-09-29]